CuChi Tunnels

Yesterday we took a fairly average tour to the CuChi tunnels where the VietCong fought the USA during the Vietnam war. The tunnels and information on the VC fighting tactics were interesting, however the 1.5 hour detour to some craft shop and traffic on the way back to HCM were not so good. Can you tell we’re a little over tours?

Honestly though, it was pretty amazing to see the tunnels – the termite mound that you can see below is actually a disguised ventilation system that the guerrillas made, followed by some of the horrific booby traps that they set. We had the chance to crawl through some of the tunnels, which get seriously small, dark, claustrophobic, and apparently go down 4 levels. There’s no denying that they were extremely smart operators when it came to guerrilla fighting.



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