Luang Prabang

After our cave adventures we legged it up to Luang Prabang via two day buses and a 13 hour night bus that required some MacGyver style use of plastic bags, toilet rolls and D-clips to stop the leak in the roof from soaking us, which was surprisingly effective. Unfortunately Liam’s backpack in the storage compartment didn’t have the same protection and came out the next morning stinking of fish.

Our first night in Luang Prabang we met up with my friends Bianca and Mike for one night of catching up over red white and mojitos which was lovely – looking forward to getting home and having friends around all the time. Unfortunately the weather on our first few days here was super cold and rainy, so we spent most of them in bed keeping warm (which wasn’t a bad thing when we were nursing a hangover).

Luckily the weather has cleared up over the past few days so we’ve had the chance to get out and explore the UNESCO World Heritage Town. One day we rode bikes around the town to explore the sights – temples, monks, the Mekong, lookouts, food alleys… the town really does deserve it’s reputation as the jewel of Laos.

The past two days we spent out at the Kuang Si waterfalls, easily the most beautiful waterfall we’ve been to yet. While it’s extremely popular (for good reason) the cascades and waterfall are large enough that you can still escape the hoards of tourists and have a quiet moment to yourself. The first day was still quite cold, but yesterday Liam was brave enough to get into the water and I was brave enough to wade in up to my thighs.

Today we’re heading south to Vang Vieng which is famous for it’s tubing and party. While we’ll be avoiding the large groups of floating drunk Brits, we will give the tubing a go tomorrow for Liam’s birthday. Hip hip HOOOORAAAYYYY!

DSCF0654 DSCF0641 DSC_7479 DSCF0728 DSCF0747 DSC_7321 DSC_7375 DSCF0665 DSCF0715 Kuang Si Waterfall 2 DSCF0624


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