4000 Islands

We only spent two days on Don Det, one of the islands that make up the 4000 Island archipelago in the south of Laos, buy we managed to fit quite a bit in during that time. Our first day we hired bikes and explored rode from Don Det to the neighbouring Don Khong to check out the village, some waterfalls and a few other areas. We found a nice little bar that had some cabanas to chill out in and have a beer.We cruised all over the islands and the ride was actually quite a long one, so we were pretty happy to get back to the hotel in the afternoon and rest our butts.

The next day we went on a full day kayaking trip around the island, checking out some more waterfalls, spotting some endangered Mekong river dolphins from afar, playing with some kids in a village at lunch and finally checking out one more waterfall. A fun day that involved a LOT of paddling and left us fearing for when we actually have to start exercising when we get home!

DSCF0352 DSCF0358 Don Det DSCF0372 GOPR7927-1 Don Khon Waterfall DSCF0435


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