Angkor Wat

After a day of relaxing and checking out the town in Siem Reap, we forced ourselves out of bed extremely early the next morning to see the sun rise over Angor Wat. Turns out it’s not such an original idea, as every other tourist in town was doing the same thing. We did managed to find ourselves a quiet little vantage point though, as everyone heads to one particular spot in front of a lake for sunrise but there’s a hideaway in front of a different lake not 150 meters away.

We spent the morning wandering around different temple complexes, including the famous “Tomb Raider” temple (at which you had to battle busloads of tourists for a photo). Luckily we only did the “mini” tour, which was still 6 hours long, as we were templed-out by the time lunch rolled around. I think we’ve just about ticked off seeing all of the world famous ruins that we possibly could!

Angkor Wat 3 DSCF9673 DSCF9598 DSC_6580 DSCF9603 DSCF9649 DSCF9749 DSC_6729 DSC_6727 DSC_6743 DSCF9764 DSCF9781 DSC_6749

Angkor Wat 8

DSC_6858 DSC_6899 Angkor Wat 4


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