Koh Tao to Cambodia

After close to two weeks of Thailand turning on the sunshine and blue skies for us, we were met with windy days, rain and grey skies in Koh Tao, which is a shame as it’s a really beautiful island.

We did get a long enough break in the weather one day to rent a bike and check out the south of the island – taking in a view from one of the view points and have lunch at a really lovely little beach. If the sun was out and the wind died down there would have been some fantastic snorkelling and diving, but after our ferry experience we had no desire to jump back on a boat.

We also got a sunny window to check out Nang Yuan island which is about 10 minutes on a boat from Koh Tao’s main beach. It was absolutely stunning, despite the hundreds of tourists that flock there every day. We were lucky to arrive about half an hour before a group of over 100 Korean tourists who took to the water in their life jackets. We saw one lady being rescued by the “lifeguard” on his kayak when she was only 3 meters from shore. I’m not kidding when I say 3 meters. She could LITERALLY stand up.

We left Koh Tao and caught a ferry to the mainland and then an overnight train to Bangkok, where we did some life admin and checked out the infamously skanky Khao San Road. Yesterday we took the bus out of Thailand and into Cambodia to Siem Reap, which we’re loving so far. Two weeks in Thailand was great, but we’re excited to be here (Liam’s especially excited about the 50cent beers!).

Untitled_Panorama1-Edit DSCF9531 Koh Toa 5 DSC_6487 DSC_6467


One thought on “Koh Tao to Cambodia

  1. Wonderful ….island looks fantastico! 50 cent beers….some sort of Liam heaven?….Korean woman obviously seeking attention!

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