Rai Leh

We spent a fun few days in gorgeous Rai Leh, a relatively small tourist hotspot on the mainland on Thailand but only accessible by boat. Rai Leh is surrounded by huge limestone rock walls that are covered in dense rainforest and beautiful (if not extremely busy) palm tree lined beaches.

We only spent one full day in Rai Leh but managed to fit in quite a bit – walking through the rainforest, checking out the rock climbers while walking along the beaches, kayaking around the headland underneath the huge cliff faces, and scrambling up a near-vertical and very slippery cliff side to check out a viewpoint over the whole island. All stunning, however we’re really starting to see just how busy Thailand can be.

Poor Liam found himself with a bout of food poisoning that night, so he was up half the night in the bathroom. The alarm went off at 5.30am for our 6am ferry which, due to a lack of attention and miscomprehension of the word “pier”, we missed. Back to bed until we caught our boat at 11am, which was a nightmare journey – short long tail boat, long bus trip from west to east coast, even longer ferry ride with weather from the tail end of the typhoon in the Philippines. We were both a slight shade of green by the time we arrived last night. You would have loved it, Mumsy.

DSC_6335 DSC_6375 DCIM105GOPRO Railay Viewpoint DSCF9486 DSCF9493


One thought on “Rai Leh

  1. Awesome guys really loved the takeaway on the beach! Looks like stunning scenery….oh and the last post …the photos were just amazing ! Well done Liam!

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