Koh Lipe

As I said in the last post, we found a tropical island paradise on Koh Lipe. Tiny in size, the island take only around 5-10 minutes to walk from east to west. We found ourselves a great little place to stay right on the water on the eastern beach, called Sunrise Beach (the beach on the west side is, unsurprisingly, called Sunset Beach).

Liam signed on to do his open water dive certificate, which took up the next three days, so I spent my time reading on the beach, thinking about how I should go exploring, and remaining on the beach to read. In the afternoons when Liam was done we explored a little, ate amazing Thai food, and watched the sun go down with a beer in hand. We also rented a kayak and paddled around the island for a few hours while swimming, snorkelling and eating mangos on the beach.

I joined Liam on one of his course dives, which was a great little dive just off the main beach. He’s now a certified diver and it’s good fun to be diving together. We’re hoping to do a bit more while we’re in Thailand… which looks to be only another 10 days, as it turns out you only get a 15 day visa when you come into the country overland. Who knew? Not us, evidently.

DSCF8815 DSCF8694 DSC_6277 DSC_6282 DSCF8699 DSCF8727 Untitled_Panorama2 GOPR6766-1 GOPR6771-1 GOPR6772-1 GOPR6774-1 GOPR6783-1


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