We were happy to make our way to Malaysia after two months in Nepal, as lovely as it was. We flew into Kuala Lumpur late at night and made our way to our hostel, only to be told that we couldn’t sleep in our dorm room because it was infested with bed bugs. No problem- we were moved to a private room and quickly fell asleep.

The next day we caught up with Jay and Rina and proceeded to drink our way around the city – Chinatown, a park near the Petronas Towers, a 7-11 because the bars were too expensive and a street restaurant while consuming copious amounts of Chinese food. Great to catch up, not so great for the livers.

We woke up feeling a little dusty the next day and I had the good fortune of being attacked by bed bugs the night before, having been assured that beg bugs never get into the private rooms. 60 bites all over my body prove otherwise.

The next two days were filled with life admin – getting hair did, buying hard drives, etc etc until we made our way to the airport on our third day and flew to Langkawi, an island to the north west of the country, right on the border of Thailand.

While it wasn’t exactly the island paradise we were hoping for, it was great to finally be back by the ocean and we spent quite a bit of time exploring the beaches. We also checked out one of the islands many waterfalls and took the Sky Cab – a huge, very vertical cable car – to the top of one of the peaks to take in the view of an island. It would have been a lovely experience had it not of been school holidays – it seemed as though we were up there with the entire Malaysian school population.

We’re now in Thailand on and island called Koh Lipe, which is exactly the tropical paradise we were looking for. Loving life.

DSCF8460 DSCF8475 DSCF8490 DSCF8516 DSCF8646 DSCF8653 DSCF8656 DSCF8663 DSCF8671 DSCF8689


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