Goa was a little disappointing for Liam and I, though it did have some lovely parts as well. From Alapphuza we made our way to North Goa straight away, skipping the beaches in the south, so that we could get to a town called Calagunte for a festival that turned out to be a “festival” (read: some nightclub with about 10 people in attendance in the pissing down rain). We arrived in Calagunte to a bit of a sh*tstorm. Calagunte is the busiest and most commercial beach in Goa and it was packed as it was Indian Independence Day weekend. Even so, we managed to find ourself a nice little place to stay and check the place out. After our adventure to the “festival” our first night there, we decided to avoid the nightlife and stick to the beaches and town. Unfortunately because of monsoon and the lack of care taken with rubbish in India, the beaches weren’t that nice. Also, huge groups of Indian men staring and asking for photos made it hard for Grace and I to spend any time on the beach. The highlight of Calagunte was actually a little restaurant that we found that did amazing tandoori in an old oil drum with clay on the inside. Really amazing food.

After Calagunte we moved to a beach about 20km north called Anjuna. Again, the beaches were not very nice and the town a little seedy, but we found ourselves a great little hotel and rented some scooters to explore. The first day we wound around little villages and coast roads to another beach town called Arambol, stopping along the way to see the sights and have a swim. The next day we headed back to Calagunte to do some shopping for Grace’s birthday and (of course) have another meal at our favourite little restaurant.

Our last day in Anjuna we headed to the local water pack, Splashdown Park, that had a total of 3 working watersides but turned out to be fun way to kill a few hours before we headed to the main city to catch our train. The main highlight of Splashdown was one of the rides where you lay on a mat and ride down a slide face first, going over a big hump in the process – the only problem is that Grace is 5 foot nothing and as light as a feather so could never make it over the hump and would have to wiggle her way uphill to the top while the rest of us were almost wetting ourselves laughing at the bottom.

So yeah, Goa wasn’t the greatest but I guess anywhere is good fun when you have good friends, food and waterparks!



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