Kerala Backwaters

We’ve spent the last few days on an awesome houseboat cruising the Backwaters of Kerala. These were some serious houseboats – the first picture below is our modest two-bedroom with ensuite rig, which was dwarfed by some of the big two story mammas.

We also had on board two lovely staff who cooked us some awesome meals and crashed us into a bridge (to be fair, it was a very small space to get through and there was no serious damage).

We spent our time enjoying the view, waving at the locals and playing yet-more cards. Our first day was a little rainy but the second day was gorgeous with the sun shining. We took a smaller boat with a local guy through some of the canals that our boat couldn’t get down, which was lovely. He was a really friendly guy and showed us some areas that we wouldn’t have been able to see otherwise.

Part of it was actually quite sad as well – about a week before we got there one of the levies broke and flooded a huge expanse of rice fields, not to mention a lot of peoples homes. We saw a lot of people living in homes that were filled with a couple of feet of water with TV still blaring in the background. I can only imagine how much food and income was lost due to the flooding, only to be fixed later in the year when monsoon is over and the land dries out.

We’re now in a town called Chalakudi to check out some waterfalls and then (hopefully) making our way to Goa tomorrow night, depending if we can get ourselves tickets for the sleeper train.

 DSC_4085 DSCF4007 DSCF4059 DSC_4030 DSC_4114 DSCF4162 DSCF4169 DSCF4184 DSCF4228 DSCF4239 DSCF4284


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