Hong Kong

We had a fun, busy, very hot and humid few days in Hong Kong. After an amazing night sleep in our pimp hotel, we caught the rickety old tram across town to check out Causeway Bay, the shopping district on the harbour, and checked out a great central park surrounded by the city with remote control boat ponds, tennis courts, running tracks and the rest.

Also on the first day I had my hair destroyed by a Chinese hairdresser and spent the afternoon in tears to Liam. Luckily that night, while we were exploring SoHo we found an amazing salon owned by a Scottish expat of 27 years who promised me she could fix it (she did, thank god). That night we spent checking out the SoHo area, drinking at various happy hours and riding the “midway escalator”, an escalator that runs for 800 meters up the hill through the middle of SoHo.

The next day we took a ferry over to Lamma Island, had a (mediocre) seafood lunch and trekked our way across the island in ridiculous heat and humidity. There were a few harbour beaches along the way that you could stop at. We stopped at one and had a quick swim, but unfortunately the water was fairly polluted and about 26 degrees, so it wasnt very refreshing. The island did have some lovely views back over to Hong Kong though. That night we caught the ferry across to Kowloon to watch Hong Kong’s “famous” light show, which looks back towards the city and lights up some of the buildings. It was a lovely view, especially great to get a view of the whole city at night, but the lightshow wasn’t all that exciting. We also attempted to find the Kowloon Temple St night markets but instead ended up in another area with markets wandering around trying, unsuccessfully, to find the food section. We ended up eating in a little local Chinese place, which wasn’t so bad.

Next up we caught the train out of the city and then a cable car up to the top of a mountain to see a big Buddha. We caught the cable car up with three local Hong Kong-ers who spent the whole time taking selfies. Seriously, taking selfies is like a national obsession. They even have extender poles for iPhones to take them, it’s nuts. The Buddha itself was very cool and in a lovely setting with the mountains and ocean in the background. When we arrived back in town we made our way to City Hall for some traditional Dim Sum – a huge banquet hall filled with round tables, old Chinese ladies pushing around carts and a huge selection of dumplings and other Chinese fare.

Our last day we made our way to Macau to check out the city and see a show called House Of Dancing Water at one of the casinos. What to say about Macau? It was… hot. Packed full of people consuming as much of everything as they possibly could. Ridiculous casinos. It kind of made me despair for humanity a little bit, but I guess you have to take it for what it is, have a beer and not worry about it too much. The show we saw was good – a story based on Chinese Confucian values with lots of impressive acrobatics in water. We thought it was supposed to all be in water but then a platform came up and there were 5 motorbikes doing tricks. Seriously, motorbikes. It’s hard to express how random this is based on the story, but I guess you have to give the people their moneys worth.

After a long travel day yesterday (sleeping at the airport after Macau and then two flights via Singapore) we’re now in Colombo, Sri Lanka and loving it already. Yesterday afternoon when we arrived we caught the local bus to the city and then a tuk tuk for about half an hour through the chaotic traffic. You need to watch your limbs while on these things or you might lose an arm to a passing truck! Last night we wandered down to a local little eatery where we had an amazing vegetarian meal for $1.25 each. A welcome contrast to the prices of food in Japan and Hong Kong! Off to the Indian embassy today to try and get an Indian visa and off to do some exploring of Colombo.

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