We flew from Osaka to Naha, Okinawa which is (unsurprisingly) another big city. Needing to escape as soon as possible, we jumped on a ferry the next morning to Zamami which is one of the Kerama Islands.

The town was a little run down, but full of beautiful people and surrounded by gorgeous beaches. We stayed in a little hotel called Okinawa Resort in which we had our own little Tatami room. The owners of the hotel, Shozo and Takoko, were absolutely lovely. Our first night was the island’s annual festival that we checked out- beer, food and some “famous” Japanese artists. Liam called it when the headliner came on and started singing like Justin Bieber (though he claims he doesn’t know what Justin Bieber sounds like…).

I was absolutely spoiled on my birthday by Liam – new lens for my camera, a day out snorkeling on the reef with Shozo, one of the nicest sunsets I’ve ever seen next to a gorgeous man, and dinner at a local Okinawan restaurant with amazing sashimi. Such a lucky girl.

We spent the next few days riding some bikes to the local beaches, watching the sunsets and snorkeling on the reefs – amazing coral and fishies. Definitely a nice way to get away from the endless cities and finish our time in Japan.

We’re now in Hong Kong after a fairly arduous day of travel yesterday. Staying in a nice hotel (no dorms!) and off to explore the city today. Much eating to be done!




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