Nagasaki & Sasebo

We left Hiroshima for Nagasaki, just another city on the island of Kyushu (southern tip). We checked out the  A-bomb museum which was very similar to Hiroshima, though just a bit more graphic. The next day we wanted to escape the city and got the bus 2 hours out of town to a small village called Unzen where there are thermal hotsprings but not the nice swim-able kind and a pungent hydrogen sulfide smell. We tried out the local public spa which Shai had to nude up with a few local Japanese grandmas and their floating boobies which, from the sounds of laughter coming from next door, sounded like she enjoyed it.

The next day we decided to get the bus up to Sasebo to see the 99 islands (more like 208 small islands). We had the choice between a kind of navy boat vs a red pirate boat! No doubt you can guess which one we chose. After cruising around the small islands, we decided to kill time by checking out the aquarium. It was a little depressing seeing all the tiny tanks with these huge sea turtles, rays and groper fish, so we moved on to check out the dolphin show which was even more sad to see how small the tank was. We watched the pretty amazing show which was totally in Japanese, but were impressed when the dolphins threw the ball to each other in mid air and one kicked the ball over the building.

We spent the night in Fukuoka which was just another city, and got on overnight bus to Osaka to fly out to Okinawa.

Sorry for the crappy writing – Liam.DSCF2375 DSCF2315 DSCF2319 DSCF2331 DSCF2463 DSCF2475 DSCF2561 DSCF2557 DSCF2513 DSCF2507


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