We’ve been having a blast in Tokyo over the past three days, staying in a very cool hostel in a great area called Asakusa. Our first full day we spent in the Shibuya and Harajuku area- checked out the famous Shibuya crossing where thousands upon thousands of people cross the road at this one crossing surrounded by huge TV screens blasting advertising at you in Japanese, walked through Harajuku alley which is famous for its crazily dressed Japanese girls and checked out the Meiji Jingu shrine, one of Tokyo’s most famous and beautiful temples. Jet lag then punched us in the face and we slept from 5-7, up for an hour and a half for some awesome dinner, literally ordered by pointing at pictures on the wall, and then back to bed.

Yesterday we checked out the Tsukiji fish market, famous for its tuna auctions where tunas sell for tens of thousands of dollars a piece. We also wandered around the outside stalls, trying different samplers of fish and pushing through the chaos. Liam got talking to one Japanese girl who was working at a stall that spent a year in Nambucca Heads! Last night we headed out to meet an old friend of mine, Peter Moody, who took us to a fantastic Gyoza restaurant (Liam was in heaven) and then to a little Japanese sake bar. It was crazy – this little door took you into a little room where you take off your shoes and put on slippers. They then take you down there stairs that opens up into this beautiful area with private booths and you order your drinks using this iPad type contraction. Very cool, though it left us a little worse for wear this morning.

Despite the hangover, we got up early today and headed back the fish market to check out the wholesale area where all of the fisherman sell all of their fish… not the easiest thing to stomach when you’re not feeling your best, but great to see all the same. The weather over the past few days hasnt been the best, but we had some sunshine today so wandered around some parks and to the Imperial Temple (not very impressive, though we were flagging by this stage). Tonight we’re heading back to the Shibuya crossing to see the madness by night and then out to dinner in an area near there. Tomorrow we’re off to Kyoto on the bullet train to check out some of the World Heritage listed sites there.

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One thought on “Tokyo

  1. Glad to see you having a great time in Japan…photos are fantastic. Small world, what was the Japanese girls name? Would we know her? Love the blog…keep it coming!!!

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